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Month: January 2022

Green Balance CBD Blog-Pet-Pic-1024x577 Pets and CBD

Pets and CBD

The Benefits of CBD for Dogs and Pets — I’ve heard of people taking CBD to manage pain and anxiety, but I never realized the benefits of CBD for dogs and pets. Once I heard this, I had to dive deep into my own research. CBD for pets has a plethora of benefits such as…
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Green Balance CBD Shop-Local-1024x577 Shop Local!

Shop Local!

Shop Local — You always hear the phrases ‘shop local’ and ‘support small businesses’, but why? People are jumping on the bandwagon and shopping at small businesses as it’s becoming the cool and right thing to do. What they don’t realize, however, is that shopping locally benefits them as well. Shopping local builds community. Community…
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Green Balance CBD Anxiety-Gal-1024x504 Can CBD Help With Anxiety?

Can CBD Help With Anxiety?

Can CBD Help With Anxiety? — Everyone has experienced anxiety in their life at one point or another. Whether it’s general anxiety or the crushing pain of an anxiety attack, it’s a feeling that we want to get rid of. It doesn’t help that anxiety has a negative connotation making people feel embarrassed. This is…
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