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Month: August 2023

Green Balance CBD cbd-and-dopamine-function-mental-health-addiction-min_grande-4122332887 CBD and Dopamine

CBD and Dopamine

How CBD Affects Dopamine: An In-Depth Look — CBD, or cannabidiol, has been a topic of conversation in the health and wellness space for years. It’s been known to help with a range of issues, from anxiety to chronic pain. One area that’s been gaining attention is the relationship between CBD and dopamine. Dopamine is…
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Green Balance CBD CBD-and-menopause CBD and Menopause

CBD and Menopause

Understanding Menopause – A Guide for Women — As women enter their late 40s or early 50s, they experience a phase of life that often comes with hormonal changes called menopause. This natural transition marks the end of the reproductive years and comes with various symptoms that can be challenging. It is essential to understand…
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