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Our Story

Why did we start Green Balance? We get asked that a lot.

In many ways it chose us! We were first introduced to CBD about 4 years ago while living in San Diego. Because there was so much information available from varied sources, we decided to conduct our own in-depth research. Once we began researching hemp we realized we could balance our wellness regime with a simple and sustainable solution. Soon after, we began using CBD oil daily. Within days of feeling its positive effects, we became advocates. In the simplest of terms, CBD balanced our bodies.Green Balance became a LLC in July 2018. Trust and transparency are crucial to us and help to set Green Balance apart from others. Our mission became to educate others, dispel the myths of hemp, encourage others to protect the environment, and partner with other like-minded businesses to help keep our communities strong. CBD is about living healthy, not high.

Join us in the quest for living pain free and find your balance by using the world’s oldest natural medicine.

Stay Green. Stay Balanced.

~Ryan and Karen

Our Farm

Our organic hemp is grown at our partner farm just outside of Denver, CO. We are 100% vertically integrated, giving us control over every aspect of our hemp and CBD supply chain. Our farm to formulation approach allows us to reduce costs and streamline processes to ensure product quality and consistency. All of our hemp is monogenetic, which allows you to enjoy the same taste and potency from batch to batch as each harvest continually comes from the same genetic strain.

Each season, we grow over 500 acres of USDA-certified organic land as well as over 600 acres of transitional organic land. Our industrial hemp is grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals and no harsh solvents or chemicals are used throughout our extraction and purification processes. We believe in doing things the right way. That’s the only way to truly provide the highest quality CBD on the market and exceptional products to our customers with every order.

Green Balance is proud to comply with the highest industry standards: 
Critical CO2 extraction – Certified to USDA organic regulations – ISO9001 approved – Non-GMO– Certified FDA registered facility – CO Department of Agriculture certified
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Hi, I’m Karen!

I was born and raised in Northwest Indiana…not far from the beautiful Indiana Dunes National Park. I’ve always been impassioned about health and wellness. Another love of mine is music; it has always been my anchor and companion. I am a gym rat and enjoy running and hiking. The majority of my career in Corporate America was as a Business Analyst. Starting my own company was never something I strived for. However, my passion for hemp and its benefits changed that. For me CBD has helped with muscle recovery, mental clarity, sleep, and I also use it as preventative. CBD is living healthy, strong, and confident.

And I’m Ryan!

I am Co-Owner of Green Balance and have spent most of my career in sales and management. I was attracted to CBD for it’s benefits and ability to work naturally with my body to heal and protect. The legalization of CBD in March of 2018 made it possible for us to start Green Balance and I am grateful to be a part of the industry, and help folks find a healthy alternative to prescription meds. I am also a musician and author with many original songs and a self-published book of poetry/lyrics.

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