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CBD and Celebrities

CBD and Celebrities

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CBD and Celebrities —

CBD is becoming more widely accepted throughout the United States. It has helped people ease anxiety, pain, as well as helped regulate their sleeping patterns. CBD has also helped many celebrities in the limelight, as they also face the same issues that most ordinary people do. If your curiosity is peaked, you might be asking who uses CBD?

The beloved actress, Jennifer Aniston, takes CBD to help with pain, stress, and anxiety. Actors and actresses are always under pressure and have a lot of stress as they are in the public eye. Another actress, Mandy Moore, also used CBD but for another reason: to soothe her aching feet. Acting requires being on your feet and sometimes that can get uncomfortable. CBD foot lotion has helped to alleviate this aching.

Actress Kristen Bell and model Alessandra Ambrosio both hit the gym in order to stay in shape. Modeling requires Ambrosio to hit the runway making the gym a super important aspect of her life. Sore muscles, however, are not convenient for these two ladies making CBD the perfect solution to soothe their sore muscles.

Michael J. Fox and Seth Rogan both use and support CBD. They aim to spread awareness about the benefits of CBD particularly in the realm of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. They have donated in support of further research and Fox also founded the research company Michael J. Fox Foundation in support.

CBD and Athletics

Many athletes also use CBD to promote recovery as their career can be hard on their body. Soccer player and 2019 Best FIFA Women’s player Megan Rapinoe as well as boxer Mike Tyson both agree that CBD helps take away the bodily pain their sports cause as well as allow for a speedier recovery.

Finally, there are many influencers such as Kim Kardashian who also supports CBD. She has openly stated she loves CBD. She is into natural remedies, and CBD is a natural solution for her problems. Kardashian is also big into beauty and skin care making CBD infused facial products a go-to.

There are many celebrities who openly share their love for CBD. Sometimes it is hard to remember that these people still have problems, but they have found a solution. CBD is more accepted in today’s society and part of that is due to celebrities being more open and transparent about how CBD has helped them.

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