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All About CBD Oil

CBD Oil Education: CBD oil or cannabidiol oil is a substance derived from the hemp or cannabis plant containing high amounts of the cannabinoid cannabidiol.

Most CBD oil comes from industrial hemp rather than psychoactive marijuana strains; while the two plants are related, industrial hemp does not contain nearly as much psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol, another cannabinoid better known as THC. In fact, according to the 2014 Farm Bill, industrial hemp cannot contain more than .3 percent THC on a dry weight basis – a nearly negligible amount.

To extract CBD oil from the cannabis plant, producers need to isolate the CBD from the THC to ensure that the oil will not be psychoactive.

Answers to Top Five CBD Questions

CBD (cannabidiol) continues to grow in popularity because of its long list of potential health benefits. With the steady increase in popularity, general information may be easy to find, but it can be time-consuming and frustrating to differentiate between the many types of products and find answers to your questions.  We would like to help alleviate your frustration. Here are the top five questions that are typically asked about CBD products, and our honest answers to those important questions.

Is There a Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil?
There are several points that may need clarification in order to answer this question.

CBD Oil for Pets

The results are in and researchers are turning their attention to this herb and, so far, they’re finding there’s a lot to like. Just as CBD has helped millions of humans, your dog (or cat) can reap the same health-boosting, and even life-saving, benefits.

Let’s look at 10 things you might not know about this often-misunderstood herb and the research that shows its promise in helping dogs with a variety of common health issues.

  1. CBD Is Not Psychoactive

CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound found in cannabis and hemp. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) can also be found in cannabis and it’s this compound that gives marijuana…

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