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Children and CBD

Children and CBD

Green Balance CBD Children-Smiling Children and CBD

Children and CBD —

In recent years, CBD has exploded to become the “go-to” for natural relief for millions of people around the world. Whether it’s used for pain relief, anxiety, or to help improve the quality of sleep, many adults have finally found an all-natural solution that really works. What about children and CBD? More and more children have also increasingly faced these same issues, especially anxiety. The good news is that CBD is totally safe for children to take as well!

In some cases, parents may be skeptical of giving their children CBD. It is still relatively new and sometimes has a negative stigma due to its relationship with marijuana. No parent, however, wants to see their child suffer from anxiety, especially when they know the crushing weight it holds. CBD naturally reacts with receptors in the brain that can help to manage anxiety.

We’ve all heard horror stories about children and CBD on the news and/or social media. Parents may be apprehensive because they think CBD can cause you to become high, and they don’t want their kids to get addicted. CBD is not an addictive substance, nor does it create the euphoric high people may associate with marijuana. THC is what creates the high feeling; CBD doesn’t contain enough THC to create any psychoactive effects or dependency.

Side Effects?

What about the side effects? Side effects are rare and extremely mild. A small percentage have reported things such as drowsiness, dry mouth, and reduced appetite, which can be common side effects no matter what you are taking. Everyone is different, and it is hard to predict how one will react to anything, whether it’s a common medication or CBD. It is a good idea to start children with half of the recommended serving size as an adult and work up if needed.

CBD has also shown to help children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. Children with ADHD might have trouble focusing and can get overstimulated easily. CBD has shown to manage hyperactivity allowing some of their symptoms to subside. It helps calm while still maintaining focus.

Autism is another disorder common in children that can sometimes be characterized by behavioral outbursts among other things. CBD may help manage outbursts in these children, improving their behaviors. It has also shown to help improve epilepsy symptoms by working with the brain and central nervous system.

CBD is not a miracle cure-all, however, when used consistently, it can benefit adults and children in countless ways. It is a natural alternative way to help ease pain and anxiety, help improve the quality of sleep, and much more. Children and CBD has been well-researched and proven as a safe alternative for all ages. Read more here.

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