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Hemp Clothing

Hemp Clothing

Green Balance CBD Nike-Hemp-Shoes Hemp Clothing

Hemp Clothing

– I’ll be the first to admit, I love buying clothes. I know I know, it’s not surprising because most people do. There is just something so gratifying about going to the store and buying a new outfit whether it’s a workout set or for a night out. Recently, however, the term ‘fast fashion’ has come to light.

Fast fashion is basically when clothing is produced rapidly at low costs. This makes the clothing inexpensive but also causes it to wear out quickly. In other words, it is NOT sustainable. This caused me to rethink my purchasing choices. What is sustainable? I began searching and found hemp clothing.

Hemp is not only a natural healing herb (cannabis and CBD), but also an extremely resilient, sustainable plant fiber. Hemp can be grown with no pesticides or synthetic fertilizer causing there to be a relatively low environmental impact. It also renews the soil with each cycle as well as helps prevent erosion and retain topsoil. This makes it a much better option than growing and producing cotton.

Green Balance CBD Hemp-Clothing-450x254 Hemp Clothing

Hemp has many benefits after being turned into clothing. Hemp tends to be more durable, and your clothes will last longer before the wear and tear starts to happen. It is also more water absorbent and UV resistant making it the perfect outdoor clothing choice.

Even Better News!

Sometimes, we decide to get rid of clothing and most clothes unfortunately have elements of micro-plastics in them. These micro-plastics are harming the oceans as well as filling landfills. But if we make the switch to hemp clothing, it is completely biodegradable and will break down even if it winds up in a landfill. We are helping to save our oceans and planet. How cool is that?

Wearing hemp clothing provides so many benefits so I had to know how it was done. I found that hemp is made from the long strands of fiber that make up the stalk. The fibers are separated from the bark and then spun together to produce thread. This is then woven into all kinds of fabric and clothing!

After discovering all of this great information, I was immediately convinced. I had to make my first hemp clothing purchase to see for myself. I know some people are skeptical of all thing’s hemp, but it can do so much good. Do your part to help the environment, switch to hemp clothing.

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