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1000mg Crystalline Powder – Non-THC

1000mg Crystalline Powder – Non-THC

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The 1000mg crystalline powder is a versatile and easy way of getting your daily CBD and is non-THC. Combine the 1000mg powder with your favorite smoothies, lotions, coffee, kombucha, or any of your favorite food or drinks! This powder is tasteless and odorless so you can place it under your tongue, sprinkle it on or in your food, put in lotions, and more for all day relief. Our crystalline is extracted from pure, full-spectrum hemp oil, creating a 99+% pure non-THC product. Don’t let the small container fool you…it holds 1000mg (see serving below)! Use sparingly as a very small amount goes a long way here! Approximately 80 servings per jar.

Use: Included is a double-sided serving spoon. The spoon offers two serving options.

Smaller size is equal to 2mg at a level fill and up to 6 mg at heaping. Larger size is equal to 12mg at a level fill and up to 25mg at heaping.

Serving: Recommendation is to begin with a level 12mg scoop. Sprinkle onto or in your food, in your beverages, under your tongue, or add it to your favorite skincare products.

*Store in a cool, dry place.


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1 review for 1000mg Crystalline Powder – Non-THC

  1. Rebecca Mabus (verified owner)

    It is a very small bottle shouldn’t be $30. Carmax chapstick has a bigger jar

    • RyanGB

      We are sorry that you don’t like the size of the container. However, no matter big (or small) the container is, the 1000mg of CBD and how well it works remains the same. This jar can yield up to 80 servings. We currently use this powder in our popcorn, honey, and homemade dog treats with great results.

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