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Shop Local!

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Shop Local —

You always hear the phrases ‘shop local’ and ‘support small businesses’, but why? People are jumping on the bandwagon and shopping at small businesses as it’s becoming the cool and right thing to do. What they don’t realize, however, is that shopping locally benefits them as well.

Shopping local builds community. Community is more than just the town you reside in. It’s all the people in it including those you grew up with and that you interact with daily. Your community is a part of who you are and why would you want that to suffer? Building the community helps to make it a more positive place to live and therefore increases the town’s well-being. What is a better way to do your part than to shop local?

Small business owners can’t be compared to large company executives. They don’t operate with the goal of only making money. These owners tend to be people who have a passion for something they believe in. They are our neighbors and friends who came up with an idea and had the courage to take a plunge into the “unknown” world of being a small-business owner. Shopping small helps build dreams and keeps tax dollars in your community.

Green Balance CBD prides itself on having strong, like-minded collaborations, and supporting the ‘shop local’ attitude. Small businesses in Northwest Indiana and surrounding areas, have partnered with Green Balance by selling or using their products. In this way, small businesses can help support one another.


For example, in Valparaiso, Green Balance CBD is partnered with Valpo Velvet, Sangha Center for Wellness, Lincoln Kitchen, Island Nutrition, and Fluid Coffeebar. Valpo Velvet is a family-owned ice cream shop serving many yummy flavors and a wide variety of fresh sandwiches and salads. Sangha offers yoga therapy, cupping, and massages. Lincoln Kitchen is a kitchen space providing vendors, chefs, or others with the opportunity to cook in their own space with all the amenities of a commercial kitchen. Valpo also has one of the best smoothie places, Island Nutrition, as well as two of the four Fluid Coffeebar locations. Fluid is also located in Michigan City and Crown Point, roasts their own coffee, and has the coziest shops!

In Chesterton, Green Balance CBD is partnered with Red Cup Café, Evexia Salt Cave, and Float Sixty. Whether you want a hot cup of coffee, have an itch to try salt cave halo-therapy, or a relaxing float, they’ve got you covered. Green Balance’s Crown Point collabs include Café Fresco and Motus Integrative Health, a full-service café and a chiropractic office, respectively.

Shopping small provides a multitude of benefits. It boosts business moral, the local economy, and the community. The next time you think about going shopping, make sure to first check out the small businesses in your town. Shop small and shop local!

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