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“Ryan and Karen walked me through all the products and helped me find the right one for my concerns. Very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Will definitely be a repeat customer!” – Andrea V, Highland, IN
“Can’t tell you how surprised I am with the results of using your CBD oil. I’ve suffered from chronic lower back pain after a fall in 2001. Crushed two vertebrae. I’ve taken your product as Ryan suggested and unbelievably my back pain has diminished to practically nothing. Finding this almost too hard to believe I purposely stopped taking an evening then next morning dose. My pain began recurring. Very satisfied customer to say the least. Not to mention falling to sleep and staying asleep has improved also.” – Craig E, Crown Point, IN
“I absolutely love their stuff!! I get the patches and they are amazing and they work instantly with the pain. I highly recommend the products. Karen is amazing, she has been working with me for months. I will continue these products!” – Renee B, Valparaiso, IN
“I have arthritis and my joints pop a lot but since I started taking Green Balance CBD oil I am not in much pain and my joints don’t pop near as much. I used to get very bad headaches but since I started this oil I don’t have them anymore.” – S. Ernst, Crown Point, IN
“I was introduced to Karen a few months ago and we discussed CBD products. Long story short, she had the knowledge (simple and easy to understand), the right products, quality, and suggested dosage to start. I use the oil for insomnia. I trust her and her products..will buy more! EXTREMELY SATISFIED Nice website ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” – Rob Z, Portage, IN
“Thank you GBHW!! Your products have literally changed my life!!! A daily dose of Tincture in the evening and regular application of your Topical Cream has almost completely abated the inflammation in my low back to the point where I am now putting off what would have been a costly surgical procedure. Keep spreading the word about CBD! It is no wonder why BigPharma is sh**ting themselves over this science. I am a customer for life!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼!!” – Jeff F, Chicago, IL
“I must admit I was very nervous about taking CBD oil. I have never been one to smoke but my anxiety and overthinking finally had me on the edge. I did some research and online and saw some excellent feedback on Green Balance. I started with their 500mg and I’m now on the 1000mg taking 4 to 5 drops twice a day. I feel my anxiety less and not on edge as much as before. I feel way better because I’m not depending on seeing a doctor and taking medication, and all the side effects that come with those medications. Karen is amazing and answered all of my questions!” – A.C, Crown Point, IN
“I met you and Ryan at the Chesterton European Market and we talked about my son’s eczema. We tried the lotion and the oil and his skin has really improved! Thank you so much for your help! It was nice to meet you!” – E.C.T, Chesterton, IN
“I have been trying to figure out for months how to explain the feeling of chronic pain. I have borrowed this passage from “”. If you can relate to the passage below I suggest that you try CBD for 1 month. I’m not saying that it will completely relieve all of your pain, but it has decreased my pain level by 2/3 in the last 4 months.
I choose to use Green Balance products because they are pure. Again, use it for 1 month. See the results for yourself.My life exists in a constant state of pain. My body is constantly hurting. My mind is constantly hurting from being held back from my dreams because of my body’s limitations. When I am asked to describe it, I cannot express it in words like “throbbing, aching, stabbing, or burning” because that isn’t what it is. Those terms express a surface level pain. It is the way that you describe a burn from a stove or a sprained ankle. This pain is constant. It feels like the worst leg cramp of your life but lasts for hours on end. It feels like my knees are going to give out on me at any second because I am pushing myself to be on the same level as my peers. It feels like there is something inside of me trying to claw its way out of my abdomen. It feels like I ran into a brick wall repeatedly. These are feelings most people cannot fathom.” – Louann T, Michigan City, IN

“My ankles were killing me, even after I got cortisone shots! Once I started using their salve, they stopped hurting after a couple of days.” – Shane O, Knox, IN
“Trusted owners who know their products. Pure and effective. Ryan and Karen sell a product worth using!” – John G, Crown Point, IN
“Highly recommend Green Balance Hemp & Wellness not only for the quick response but for the quality of their products.” – Tricia J, Valparaiso, IN
“I found out about this company from an article in the Times. I ordered the 1800 mg Limited-Edition tincture for anxiety and I’m very happy with it! Fair price and quick shipping too. I ordered on Friday and received it on Wednesday. Hoping to try the pure crystalline powder next!” – Kaitlyn D, NW Indiana
“Stellar product. Very high-quality and I’ve never felt better!” – Lisa M, NW Indiana
“I have been using this product for a full week. I find the easiest way to deliver the 3 drops is to drop them into a teaspoon and then dump it under my tongue. I have enjoyed reduced pain and much better sleep. I have also been able to reduce the number of pain pills I need. The great thing is all of my doctors are happy I’m taking it. Thank You!” – Christine M, NW Indiana
“The oil is working great! I’ve been taking it since the day I got it from you guys. Two days ago was my first time not taking my sleeping meds in about a year! I didn’t take them and I slept pretty well! Better than I expected!! I plan to slowly wean myself off of them so my body isn’t addicted to them so heavily anymore!! I love it! Thank you!!!” – Lexi Y, NW Indiana
“My dog, Zoey, is like my third child! She is a 7 year old Weimaraner, who like all dogs of that breed is full of energy, very intelligent, and thinks she is a lap dog despite the fact that she weighs 82 lbs. Last summer she threw her knee out, which could require a very expensive surgery, of which there is only a 50% success rate with. Also, we would have to keep her off of her leg for 6 wks which would be almost literally impossible for a dog of that breed..
We choose the alternative route of letting it heal as much as it could, and managing any subsequent pain she would experience. She has been on carprofen for about 9 months now, a prescription pain medicine from the vet. The side effects of upsetting her stomach, and making her skittish, cowering behind doors has been so out of character and heartbreaking..a friend recommended the CBD oil from Green Balance because she personally knows the owners, and what high quality products they make. After 2 days on the CBD oil, Zoey is acting like her old self that we so missed, and weren’t sure we would see again. I would highly recommend trying the pet CBD oil to manage any pain or arthritis your pet experiences vs. the prescription meds from the vet. Thanks so much!” – Michelle C, Porter, Indiana
“We bought the package containing the Oil, Cream and Patches. Great value for the price, we bought it almost 2 months ago and just now getting low on the oil with 2 of us taking it daily. The patches have worked for both my wife and my 90 year old mother, her knees bother her. My wife uses the cream on her hands and any other ache she may have. It works really fast to give relief. I have used the cream on my neck and shoulder pains and it does give quick relief. We still have more than half the cream left.” – T.A., Cedar Lake, Indiana
“Would highly recommend calling on Karen if you are experiencing pain and need some relief. I LOVE the patches and also use the 1500mg oil and 30mg softgels.” – Crystal W, Burns Harbor, Indiana
“I love that you are a local company! I am super-happy with the quality and I’m a forever customer. Thank you for helping so many people manage their pain with a healthier alternative!” – Jaime M, Valparaiso, Indiana
“I was at a pet friendly event in Hobart a few weeks ago. I saw the Green Balance CBD table. I walked up to check out their products that they offered. Upon telling them about my Doberman, Barbie( who was with me at this event) They offered to give me a sample of their Pet oil. Within 10 minutes I noticed a huge change in her! Even though she is a trained dog, Barbie is FULL of energy, loves to tug on her leash once in a while, and paces back and forth in the car. She also suffers from extreme anxiety from being surrendered at the shelter years ago. All of that changed and she was a calm, collected dog. Almost normal. HAHA. I love her personality but this comes in handy with her anxiety levels. I cannot wait to get more of this product!” – Eileen H., Hobart, Indiana
“I started my 11 year old dog on the CBD drops and he is doing much better. His anxiety has dropped and his hips and joints seem to be working better with less lameness. I spent a lot of time with Karen and asking questions. She is amazing and a wealth of knowledge. Goes out of her way to meet with you and answer any and all questions. The product is great and Karen and Ryan are amazing. Won’t ever buy anywhere else.” – Lynn D., Chesterton, Indiana
“I’m approaching menopause and feeling the side effects. The cramps are brutal. I can’t take muscle relaxers or prescription medicine strong enough to make a difference with my work and life schedule. Recently, I endured the worst pain yet. I remembered that I had a Green Balance transdermal patch and decided to give it a try. It not only gave me relief for hours and hours, but I felt myself the whole time and was able to carry on with life as usual. Super grateful this exists.” – Nikki K., Florida
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