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Green Balance Health & Wellness

Green Balance were first introduced to CBD a few years ago while living in San Diego.  Because there was so much information available from varied sources, we decided to conduct our own in-depth research.  Soon after, we began using CBD oil daily.  Within days of feeling its positive effects, we became advocates.  In the simplest of terms, CBD balanced our bodies.

Since moving back to our home state of Indiana, we want to educate, inspire, and pass along what we’ve learned and believe in.  Our motto “Soul Inspiring – Product Purity – Simple Philosophy” embodies our mission as none of our products contain fillers, additives, or unnecessary flavorings. CBD is about living healthy, not high.

Join us in the quest for living pain free and find your balance by using the world’s oldest natural medicine.

Stay Green.  Stay Balanced.

~Ryan and Karen

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