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CBD and Exercise

CBD and Exercise

Green Balance CBD Couple-Jogging CBD and Exercise

CBD and Exercise

– How do CBD and exercise go together? Let’s find out!

– Life can be stressful. It can get overwhelming and sometimes we all need a break. Some people can find relief with a hobby, reading, watching television, or meditating. My personal favorite way to de-stress is exercise.

I have found that getting active allows me to sweat out the stress and worries of everyday life. Once I walk out of that gym, I have to go back to reality, but at least I found an escape for a couple of hours. There are also so many different types of work outs which allow me to challenge myself and keep my workouts exciting.

I know many others like to stay active as well. It can be though cardio, lifting weights, or even practicing yoga. Staying active is essential to keeping our body healthy. Cardio is important for heart health and lifting is important for strength. I make sure to work both in on a weekly basis. Sometimes, however, I find myself in pain.

I love cardio exercise, but I often find myself affected by shin splints. No matter what I try, even compression sleeves, I don’t find the relief I need. Then I find I have to take a couple extra days off and I feel as if I regressed. My bad knees and hips can make lifting difficult at times and occasionally I leave and feel at a loss on what to do. I love going to the gym, but I don’t like leaving feeling broken and beaten.

How can CBD help?

I’ve heard of people taking CBD for pain and inflammation, but I thought it was for those with chronic back pain when all other options seemed to fail. I was at a point in my life where I was desperate to keep doing what I enjoy. Exercise is my way to relieve stress and escape from life. I started to look further into relationship between CBD and exercise.

CBD interacts with receptors in both your nervous and immune systems. This allows for it to work as a pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory. I was right, it can be used for back pain, but it can also be used for any other pain no matter how minor. There are even CBD muscle gels! I put a ton of physical stress on my body. Now I can put down the NSAID’s (which in the long run, can do more damage than good), and pick up the CBD for a natural alternative method of pain relief. CBD and exercise make a great tag-team!


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